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Exam Preparation

Préparation aux examens

C&C Intensive English offers intensive lessons which aim to prepare candidates for different exams: 




Pre-Intermediate, 'Threshold'



Upper Intermediate, the candidate can work independently, 'Vantage'



Autonomous or effective operational proficiency level





A university entrance test valid for all universities in English speaking countries: 
USA, Australia, UK


A reliable test designed to assess language skills in a business context. 

The lessons aim not only to prepare the learners for the specific exam, but also to improve their everyday English. 

The internationally renowned CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH exams, are particularly respected for their objective and impartial assessment of language skills. 
Each of the teachers is certified by this prestigious university and the programme has been developed using their methodology.  


The 'Prepare in One Day' workshop

The workshop will help you to become familiar with the test - the format the exercises and the type of questions. It will also enable you to develop the skills required for the exam. 

The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Overview of the test 
  • Oral comprehension techniques and practice exercises 
  • Written comprehension techniques and practice exercises 
  • Oral expression techniques and practice exercises  

During the workshop, students work together on the exercises.
We recommend taking this course approximately one month before the exam to give you the time to study and to repeat the exercises seen in class. 


 Each course includes (registration and application fees are free):

  • Free English level evaluation 
  • Personalised feedback
  • An academic or business orientated interview 


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